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PLUGIN: Start Podcasting With Blubrry PowerPress

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Podcasting Technical Overview

Description: This has got to be the easiest and fastest way to create info products and leverage your digital assets. Watch this 11 minute screen capture and I’ll show you how I can create as many info products as I have time to talk toll-free using┬áSkype.

This video is step by step – drop dead simple. There’s no excuses for not creating your own profitable info product after watching.

Running Time: 11 Minutes

I’ve used a couple of resources:



Blubrry Plugin

Skype Call Recorder

Free Conference Call

Remember this isn’t the only way to do podcasts, it’s just a quick and effective way to capture what you’re already doing. Make use of your daily activities! Your expertise is valuable.

No Time? Need Help, or You Just Want Everything Done For You...

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