DESIGN: Create A Member Dashboard For Your Campus

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Give Everyone a Personalized Learning Experience

Structured Learning is just part of building a training site.  Real engagement comes from personalizing and automating your customer/learners journey through the process. This course is all about making sure your customers are involved and follow the learning tracks you’ve laid out for them.

Automation and Personalization can be a huge time saver for you, your learners, your membership site and sanity. Using personalized signals that occur anytime your members take action (or fail to take action) in key areas of your membership site are the triggers that we use to manage the journey through the site.

Here are some examples, a few areas where you can grab some important triggers a student signals:

  • Registers for a course inside your membership site
  • Takes or Sees the results on a course quiz
  • Hand in an assignment
  • Get certified
  • Doesn’t visit in X days…
  • Start’s a course but doesn’t finish etc.

These moments represent key turning points for your students. But if you can’t capture them, they’re just a missed opportunity.  Today you’ll learn how to capture them, and personalize the response you provide.

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