Course and Membership Site Marketing Automations

OK you’ve got a course or at least a great outline of what the course or courses your are creating will look like.

But what about getting users to actually sign up and pay for your online course?

That’s a big part of what we covered in today’s webinar.

First was a review of the “Course Goals” to make sure that you has good idea of the business model you’re using to market your courses.

Next we covered what email copy should you send to sell courses online? That answer involved a quick recap of setting up a landing page to collect new prospective users along with using your course modules or lessons as the email copy.

Next section was more about the purpose or sequence of the emails. Things like when to start selling and how to weave a story into the messages.

Finally we looked at setting up a learning track, a sequence of courses you can use to guide customers through the different price points available as part of your products and services.

With almost 60 minutes of great content this webinar has some real value for membership site owners or online course creators that are looking for the best way to sell their courses.

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